Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

  • How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure

    Dental implants are designed to be permanent replacements for missing teeth, but occasionally, they can fail to integrate correctly with the mouth. Although more than 96 percent of dental implant procedures are successful, some patients have to have the implants taken out. Thankfully, you have control over the likelihood of your dental implants failing. Follow these tips to increase your chance of becoming a smile restoration success story. 1. Follow a Strict Dental Hygiene Routine

  • Can Xylitol Chewing Gum Help Prevent Gum Disease in Puberty?

    During puberty, your child's hormones may change quite significantly. While this is a natural part of the process of becoming an adult, hormonal changes may cause some problems over and above mood swings and emotional drama. Children going through puberty are more likely to develop problems with their gums. Changes in their hormone levels may make their gums much more sensitive than usual and more at risk of damage from bacteria.

  • How to Get Rid of Bad Breath When You Have Dentures

    Unfortunately, one of the more unpleasant side-effects of having dentures is halitosis, or bad breath. Halitosis is caused by bacteria in the mouth, the same bacteria that can gather on dentures. Therefore, it's very important to take good care of your dentures so you can have fresh-smelling breath once more.  Clean your dentures Dentures have a tendency to absorb mouth odours, as they are made of acrylic, or plastic. Therefore, it's important that you remove your dentures every evening and give them a good clean.

  • Ask Your Dentist: Why Does Red Wine Stain Your Teeth?

    Whenever you drink a glass (or two) of red wine, you'll probably notice that your teeth quite quickly start to show signs of staining. With the occasional drink, the problem often goes away almost immediately, but heavier drinkers may start to notice a more substantial discolouration problem. What is it about red wine that means your teeth can so easily change colour? Find out here. Why teeth stain There are two types of tooth discolouration.

  • What Every First-Time Denture Wearer Needs to Know

    Wearing dentures for the first time can be a bit uncomfortable, and perhaps even more so for those who have gone without a full set of teeth for some time. Getting accustomed to the weight and feel of teeth once again can take some time, and it might also require a bit of practice when it comes to chewing and talking with new dentures. If you're a first-time denture wearer, note a few things you should keep in mind about your new dentures and about using them and keeping them in place.

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    Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

    There are more than two ways to straighten a smile, and in this blog, I plan to discuss them all. I plan to look at the differences between braces and retainers and explain why sometimes you may need them both. I look at the differences in cost, time commitment and efficacy. Personally, I have had a bit of experience with this subject – I had braces as a young teen, and I had a permanent retainer. In this blog, I discuss what I have learned, and I present all kinds of new information on the topic. Whether you are trying to make decisions for yourself or your child. I hope you find this information useful.