Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

  • Keep Your Invisible Braces White With These Six Tips

    Invisible braces feature plastic trays that you can remove. While they are more convenient and discreet than metal braces for many people, they provide a clear look at your teeth, and if you want a great smile, you've got to keep your trays white. If you have invisible braces and want a white smile, here are five tips to help you: 1. Drink coffee without your trays in While it's essential to wear your trays or aligners while you sleep, you have to take them out in the morning to brush your teeth and clean the trays.

  • Surprising Reasons to See Your Family Dentist Regularly

    Most people know to see their family dentist regularly in order to check for cavities and get a good cleaning. However, there are many other reasons that you and everyone in your family should see your family dentist at least every year, if not twice per year. Note a few of the out-of-the-ordinary reasons to see your family dentist as often as recommended and what they might look for during each visit.

  • Dental Fissure Sealants: Are They Suitable For Your Child?

    Keeping the teeth, gums and general oral health of your children in top condition is a priority for any good parent, and modern paediatric  and family dentistry, at places likes Thomas Aulsebrook & Associates, affords a range of ways you can help keep your child's teeth strong and free from decay. One procedure that has become more popular in recent years is the application of dental fissure sealants to a child's teeth, to protect them from dental caries and damage.

  • Different Types of Tooth Replacement Options

    Losing a tooth is much more prevalent than you may realize. It is something that can happen to just about anyone at any age. Dealing with a lost tooth requires professional care from a denture clinic. There are a variety of different types of tooth replacement options, but analysing the choices normally leads you to selecting dentures. The varying types of tooth replacement options are designed to deliver the best results for specific cases of tooth loss:

  • Dental Phobia Dentistry Sedation Methods

    Dental phobia refers to a patient's fear of visiting a dentist whether it's due to fear of pain, fear of choking on dental implements, fear of needles or anxiety related to not having control during a dental procedure. If you have any fears about seeing your dentist, you can visit a phobia dentist, who specializes in utilizing methods that can alleviate your fears: Phobia Dentistry Defined -- Phobia dentistry is more commonly referred to as sedation dentistry, and it focuses on calming and relaxing phobic patients so that a dentist can perform various dental procedures.

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    Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

    There are more than two ways to straighten a smile, and in this blog, I plan to discuss them all. I plan to look at the differences between braces and retainers and explain why sometimes you may need them both. I look at the differences in cost, time commitment and efficacy. Personally, I have had a bit of experience with this subject – I had braces as a young teen, and I had a permanent retainer. In this blog, I discuss what I have learned, and I present all kinds of new information on the topic. Whether you are trying to make decisions for yourself or your child. I hope you find this information useful.