Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

3 Ways to Feel Less Anxious About Root Canal Treatment

by Lonnie Bryant

If the term 'root canal' makes you feel anxious, you're not alone. Many people dread this procedure. However, these days, dentists are very good at helping patients to feel comfortable during root canal treatment. Here are a few tips that you can use to put your mind at ease about your upcoming treatment.

1. Know What to Expect

One of the reasons that people feel so anxious about root canal treatment is that they're not sure exactly what the dentist is doing to their tooth. Put simply, a root canal treatment involves removing bacteria from inside a tooth that is affected by decay. At the end of the treatment, the dentist seals the tooth with a crown or filling to prevent bacteria from re-entering. From the patient's point of view, the procedure feels similar to getting a cavity filled and usually does not take much longer.

2. Understand Why It's Necessary

If your dentist has told you that one of your teeth needs root canal treatment, your initial response might be anger. Why should you undergo a dental procedure when you might not even have any symptoms? The truth is that leaving a decaying tooth untreated can lead to the decay spreading to affect other teeth or becoming so severe that the tooth has to be extracted. By going through with root canal treatment now, you can save yourself the discomfort and expense of having a tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant or bridge.

3. Consider Sedation Dentistry

If you still can't face the prospect of undergoing root canal treatment, you can choose to sleep or semi-sleep through the procedure using sedation dentistry. There are various types of sedation to choose from. For example, your dentist could prescribe a pill that you take before the appointment to relieve anxiety, or you could choose to breathe in nitrous oxide from a mask, which makes you feel calm and happy. Another option is IV sedation, which is delivered through a vein in your arm and makes you feel very sleepy so that the appointment seems to pass very quickly. Note that you will need someone to drive you home after the appointment if you opt for sedation.

Talk to your dentist about these options to find out which one might be right for you. Whatever you choose, rest assured that your dentist will also use a local anaesthetic to ensure that you do not feel any pain during treatment.


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Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

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