Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

Crucial Oral Health Services That General Dentists Offer

by Lonnie Bryant

As the name suggests, general dentists are not centred on one specific oral health practice. They offer a broad range of oral health care services to prevent and treat dental problems. That means you can take any of your family members to them despite their age or dental issue. The following are the types of services offered by a general dentist.

Preventive Dental Care

Like any other dental visit, general dentistry services also offer advice on various measures to prevent oral issues. The dentist can examine your teeth and even take X-rays to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy. If there is a problem such as a decayed tooth, the general dentist can help protect the surrounding teeth from rotting. If there is plaque buildup, the dentist will clean that off as well to avoid decay.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Your teeth play a significant role in your confidence level. If you have discoloured, misaligned or crooked teeth, you will be too conscious about your smile. That could result in self-isolation, leading to depression. Through general dentistry services, you can get your discoloured teeth whitened. They can also fix the misaligned or crooked teeth using braces. If chipped, the dentist will rectify that through veneers, and if you lost a tooth, they could get dentures for a confident smile.

Overall Health Tips

What you consume affects your teeth directly. When you visit a general dentist, you will be asked some questions concerning what you eat and how to take care of your teeth. If you mention anything that could potentially harm your teeth, the dentist could advise you to stop. If you let the kids consume lots of sweets, the teeth doctor might instruct you against it and help restore their smile.

Dental Services for the Children

As earlier mentioned, there is no need to look for different dentists for every family member. General dentists are well capable of handling everyone's dental problems. So if you have kids, a general dentist is well trained to take care of their oral health. The earlier you start the visits, the more your child will get used to the idea of seeking dental health services. They will also understand that the dentist is a great professional who can help you care for their teeth.

From the above points, you can get most of your dental issues fixed through general dentistry services. You should get a dentist to cater to all your members.


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Braces versus Retainers: A Comprehensive Overveiw

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